Catch Up: New Job!

First, let me apologize for this late post. It is still my goal to continue posting one post every Saturday, so please forgive me.

This has been kind of a crazy week, though. It begin with an interview, then a quick trip to St. Louis to meet up with some family, and then being offered the job! You are now reading a post written by a barista! As I have been primarily self-taught, when it comes to coffee (from books, friends, videos, and experimentation), I now look forward to taking another step to learn as much as I can about coffee. As a barista, I will extend my knowledge of coffee into the espresso world, of which I have little experience, other than tasting. I am pumped!

In other news, I recently built a coffee bar for our kitchen! It was quite fun. I have never made such a large project, so it was definitely a learning experience. My wife helped me find one similar to what I wanted on Pinterest, so I took the plans for that and tweaked it a bit. After putting it all together, my wife stained the top with ebony stain and painted the bottom with a latex white paint. We love it! Because when love for coffee increases, counter space dwindles. We now have room on our countertops again! Anyway, let me know what you think?!


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