Helpful Coffee App: Sip

There are many great apps out there for your smartphone or tablet. One that I find particularly helpful is called Sip. And don’t worry, I am not getting paid for this or anything, so I am telling the truth when I say this is a cool app.

What is Sip?image1-1

Sip is an app that can help you in the most desperate of times. Have you ever found yourself frantically searching Google or Yelp to find the best coffee shop in the area? Maybe you were traveling and didn’t have enough room for your coffee gear. Or maybe you moved to a new city and haven’t found that special place that sells fresh roasted beans. Or maybe, upon waking up, you found out that your roommate(s) finished off your beans before you awoke, and now, without time to roast your own beans, you are stuck with either an all day migraine or a rush to a nearby coffee shop. The possibilities are endless, so I will save you from having to read all the ones that I can possibly think of.

Anyway, there is an iOS app called Sip that can help lead you to a great third wave coffee shop in your area!

When you open the app, you are confronted with the choice of choosing “Nearby” or “Add Location.” “Nearby” is what you will need to click if you are looking for a coffee shop in the area, or in another city. “Add Location,” though, is for those who know of a coffee shop that has not yet been added to the app’s database. I actually did this for the coffee shop that I work at. And since the app is pretty new, you won’t find every coffee shop, yet, that is. So by helping them out, you are also helping every other person who runs to this app in search of a local third wave coffee shop in those desperate situations.

image1Once you click on “Nearby,” the app brings up all of the third wave coffee shops in your general vicinity (the picture to the right is what came up after searching “Kansas City”). Also, you can change the distance that you would travel for “that perfect cup” by clicking the menu button and then the settings button. The menu button is also where you can find “Brew Center,” which offers instructions for different brewing methods. To the right of the menu button is a search bar, where you can search specific coffee shops or specific cities. I used this before a recent trip and found some great local coffee shops that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise.

One other helpful feature is that you are able to filter the coffee shops that come up by clicking on the button in the top, right corner. The filters include: cuppings, pourover, French Press, Syphon, Aeropress, Chemex, Toddy, and Cold Brew. This feature is nice, but it won’t be entirely helpful if you live in a smaller city, because there may only be a few coffee shops in your neck of the woods.

Of course there are many other great coffee apps, of which I will post about later. Let me know if you have any favorite apps?


Sip in the iTunes Store


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