Reusable Cups

keepcupWhether we like it or not, most of us live busy lives. Yes, we would prefer to sit at a table and drink our tasty, single-origin coffee from a ceramic mug, but we don’t always have the opportunity. This reality, then, forces us to use one of two things: paper cups or reusable coffee cups.

Sadly, though, it is a well known fact that paper cups have a significant environmental impact. Oftentimes, styrofoam cups are the ones that take a lot of backlash, but many have suggested that the environmental impact is pretty comparable between the two. With that in mind, and the fact that coffee is consumed daily by many people in many countries, this is a daily battle that must seriously be considered.

On top of the environmental impact, using a reusable cup can be financially beneficial as well. Most coffee shops, like the one that I work at, offer a discount for bringing in your own cup. Even if the discount is $0.15, this will add up over time, especially if you use it every day.

Now, there are many different kinds of reusable cups: plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, and glass. And, there are pros and cons to most of these different kinds. The best reusable cups that I have found are the ones made by KeepCup. KeepCups are made of either glass (fully tempered, soda-lime glass) or plastic (polypropylene cup and lid, which are both BPA/BPS free and fully recyclable). With regard to the KeepCup Brew Cups, the estimated breakeven point is said to be as low as 10 uses!

There are many other reasons that the KeepCup should be your next reusable mug. Here are two: First, because of the fact that it is made from glass, your coffee is going to taste much purer than from a non-reusable cup. The material used for non-reusable cups can bleed into your coffee, affecting the overall taste. Second, it is extremely easy to take apart, which makes it one of the easiest reusable cups to clean. On top of this, you will never have to buy the entire cup again, unless you lose it, that is. In their online store, you are able to purchase every single part that you might need, whether the lid, the plug, the band, or the cup.

Links for Purchase:

I have linked the 12oz cups below, but be sure to specify what color and what size you would like before purchasing.

12oz Brew Glass on

12oz Brew Glass with Cork Sleeve on

12oz Original Cup on


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