A Spilled-Milk Fiasco

When I made the About Page, I said that I would post not only instructional guides and recommendations, but also my failed attempts. This is quite embarrassing, yet also quite hilarious. I am hesitant to share, but I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences, or at least need a good laugh.

The other day, during a massive rush, I was pulling shots of espresso when something terrible happened. I was blowing through this rush, thinking that I was on top of it all, and then… BAM! I placed the frothing pitcher thermometer on top of the espresso machine, so that I could work on some beautiful latte art. But, to my surprise, the thermometer fell off the espresso machine and right into the ceramic mug containing two nearly perfect shots of espresso. It seemed to happened in slow motion, yet so quickly as well. I knew what was going to happen, but I didn’t have time to stop it.

The thermometer plunged into the recently pulled shots of espresso, violently splashing them all over me and the bar. And as that espresso was soaring through the air, it hit me in the face… Literally.

And that isn’t even the worst part of it!

Upon espresso literally hitting me in the face, I tried to set my recently frothed milk on the bar, so that I could clean up the mess. But I couldn’t see exactly where the bar was because my glasses were covered in espresso. I let go of the frothing pitcher full of milk, thinking that it was on a flat, level surface, only to find out that only half of it was on the counter.

Yes, the recently frothed milk, at about 140 degrees fahrenheit, tipped off the bar, covering my pants, and recently purchased leather boots, and completely covered the floor behind the bar.

I wanted to curse out loud. Although I’m sure I did in my head, I refrained from blurting it out, luckily. And no, I did not “cry over spilt milk,” thank you very much.

I held it together, remade the latte, finished the rush, and took a break. I went to the bathroom and tried, unsuccessfully, to dry my pants off with the hand-dryer. I was able to get it off my face and off of my glasses, but the last two hours of my shift were not my favorite. Pulling shots of espresso with milk-drenched jeans wasn’t ideal, but it was all I could do.

Luckily, nothing else went badly that afternoon. Actually, I even was able to pour some decent latte art. This picture, below, is one of those pours. No, it isn’t perfect, but I do feel like it shows improvement.


Let me know if you’ve had an embarrassing experience like this! As always, I’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “A Spilled-Milk Fiasco

  1. I had just sat down on the floor with a cup of bullet proof coffee (very likely the couch was covered in laundry so I couldn’t sit there) when my youngest daughter came over and sat next to me… And knocked over my coffee that I’d only had two sips of. So, I went back to make another. She followed me into the kitchen and, when I went to the blender for the blending part, tried get up on the counter to see… And knocked over the full cup of coffee waiting to be blended with coconut oil and butter. I had three cups of coffee that day, but only drank one!

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