Maikai Coffee: Ka’u Coffee

IMG_2977If you have not heard of Maikai Coffee, it is definitely a coffee company that you want to check out! Founded in 2015, Maikai is seeking to fill a gap in Hawaii that is desperately needed. While the quality of Hawaiian coffees have seen significant improvement over the last few years, Maikai Coffee is seeking to foster the growth of the specialty coffee culture in Hawaii. With a great passion for quality, the founders of Maikai Coffee find inspiration directly from Hawaiian culture.

With a facility in Hilo, and an office in Honolulu, Maikai Coffee is not only involved with coffee roasting, but also with coffee cherry teacoffee + lavender body scrub, and even wooden accessories, such as a pour over stand, a coffee scooper, and serving trays. From Hawaiian coffee to beautifully crafted serving trays, Maikai is clearly focused on quality. This focus, though, is not at the expense of ethics; Maikai seeks to uphold ethical standards that not only benefit the coffee farmers that they buy from, but also the environment in which their products have originated.

For this review, I tasted Maikai’s Ka’u Coffee. Ka’u is located on the island of Hawai’i, being a part of the district of Hawaii County, and is well known for its production of quality Hawaiian coffees. As Maikai mentions on their website, this particular coffee, a Kona Typica variety, was grown at 750 meters, and was harvested between August 2015 and February 2016.

FullSizeRenderTasting Notes: The dry aroma hits you square in the face with strong notes of raw honey and citrus, specifically orange. While these notes continue to be powerful, the wet aroma is much more floral, with notes of hibiscus and honeysuckle. And as it cools down, its sweetness becomes even stronger, leaving you with a sweet, lasting aftertaste. For a Hawaiian coffee, I am especially surprised at these notes! Yes, I’ve had more memorable coffees, but I’ve never had this good of a Hawaiian coffee. Maikai Coffee sure is doing something right. I am excited to see where Maikai leads as coffee quality continues to rise in Hawaii!


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