Resources for Baristas and Coffee Fanatics

Here is a list of many of the resources that have been influential to me and many others. There are a few books on this list that I have not completed, but they are definitely known for being fantastic. I will update this as necessary. Hit me up if you think something should be added.


The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee – James Freeman

The World Atlas of Coffee – James Hoffman***

Uncommon Grounds – Mark Pendergrast

The Professional Barista’s Handbook – Scott Rao***

Espresso Extraction – Scott Rao

Everything but Espresso – Scott Rao

The Coffee Roaster’s Companion – Scott Rao

Water for Coffee – Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood and Christopher Hendon


Barista Hustle – Matt Perger***

The Coffee Compass


Barista Magazine***


Angels’ Cup Coffee Hunters

Coffee Jobs Podcast***

I Brew My Own Coffee

Opposites Extract: A Debate Podcast about Coffee


A Film About Coffee

TV Shows

Dangerous Grounds – Yes, this TV show is a bit extreme; okay, very extreme. But it is still beneficial for learning more about what it takes to source coffee. In a nutshell, this show documents Todd Carmichael’s (La Colombe) trips to a number of different countries, meeting with numerous farmers in search of the next best cup.

Other Videos

How to Do Latte Art (Ryan Soeder, who currently works for Sunergos Coffee, although these videos were made when he was working at Counter Culture)

Learn Coffee with Gwilym (09 World Barista Champion) on YouTube (Intro, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)


Angels’ Cup – An essential app for recording all of your cupping notes.

Barista Magazine – This is a relatively new offering; you can now read Barista Magazine for free on your mobile device. You can always read it for free on their website, but with this app you are able to download it and read it later.


**Last updated 11/17/2016


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