War Eagle Coffee Co: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

IMG_3579_FotorWar Eagle, Arkansas is a small community in Benton County, the closest community to War Eagle Bridge. War Eagle is known for two things, War Eagle Mill, which was built in 1832 and is still used today, and War Eagle Bridge, which is a one lane steel bridge that was built in 1907. Deemed worthy of preservation, War Eagle Bridge finds itself on the National Register of Historic Places. This bridge was actually created because the mill needed a better way to transport their goods to local markets.

Now, with all that said, War Eagle Coffee Co. finds itself next door to the historic War Eagle Mill. In fact, it is the historic War Eagle Bridge that makes up War Eagle Coffee’s logo.

This bridge, though, is not the only inspiration for War Eagle Coffee Co. They are also motivated by passions for quality organic coffee, as well as Fair Trade Certified beans. All of these inspirations push War Eagle Coffee toward a goal of producing “coffee that tastes like it smells,” and toward maintaining a dream of “making the coffee world better…one pound at a time.” On top of all that, the owner, Cameron Covey, who started roasting in late 2012, is extremely passionate about making fresh roasted coffee as affordable as possible.

Thanks to War Eagle Coffee Co., I was able to receive a 1/2lb bag in exchange for this review. After looking at all of the options, I went with their Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee. As their website acknowledges, War Eagle Coffee roasts on the weekends and ships on Mondays, via USPS or UPS, with a goal of receiving it in 2-4 business days. With that said, I definitely received the 1/2lb bag of coffee way before the 2-3 week mark where coffee loses much of its good qualities. Also, when purchasing from their website, there is the option to suggest a different roast date, as well as, interestingly, a different roast level.

Coffee Notes

As the pictures above acknowledge, I decided to brew this Ethiopian Yirgacheffe with a Chemex. After getting everything ready, I opened the bag and found a roast much darker than I expected. I did later find out that War Eagle Coffee describes this coffee’s roast profile as “Full City,” which, though it is subjective, I classify as a Medium-Dark. Anyway, the beans were definitely Full City, in that they were a darker color with spots of oil on their surfaces.

Although it was darker than I expected, it was not unpleasant. Aside from some extra bitterness, it was quite balanced. The aroma and flavor matched the darker roast profile, turning up those bassy notes, while softening the treble. There were quite clear notes of chocolate, cinnamon, soy sauce, and honey, with fainter notes of raspberry, lavender, and maybe rose. Also, it noticeably sweetened as it cooled down, which was nice.

In the end, I would suggest War Eagle Coffee’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to those who like darker roasted coffees that still retain some of their origin’s flavor and aroma notes.

With all that said, I am looking forward to seeing what else War Eagle Coffee Co. has in store for the coffee community at large. I’m excited to see them continue to grow as a company in the coming years, and wish Cameron Covey all the best! Thanks again for the review beans!


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