Coffee Shop Review: The Coffee Fox


There are definitely a few things that I think of when it comes to Savannah, GA. Just saying the name Savannah leads me to think of The Office, when Andy corrects Pam, because she is clearly using a Florida Panhandle accent, rather than a Savannah accent. More seriously, though, I think of beautiful buildings, cobblestone streets, and great food. And, sadly, I also think of the terrible aspects of history, specifically regarding slavery.

Nevertheless, before going to any city, I always map out which coffee shops to hit up. And because The Coffee Fox showed up first in my searches, it was at the top of my list. Actually, while searching for coffee shops, I found an article from Gear Patrol that listed The Coffee Fox as among the “25 Best Coffee Shops in America.”

The Coffee Fox, in fact, is a craft coffee house that is located downtown. And to my surprise, the Airbnb that we stayed in was literally across the street. So, after getting parked and unpacked, we headed straight over.

During our first visit, I got a Macchiato, and my wife got a Horchata Latte.  The macchiato was pretty good. It was both fruity and nutty, with a creamy mouthfeel. But there was a tad bit of bitterness that made it seem a little over-extracted. My wife loved the Horchata Latte! The Horchata that they use for this latte is milk based, being sweetened with vanilla and cinnamon. Also, interestingly, we were told by the barista that Horchata Lattes are hard to find outside of Texas.

Then, during our second visit, I got two shots of espresso, and my wife got an Iced Horchata Latte. My shots of espresso were fantastic. They were pulled by a different barista than the night before; he gave, gratefully, meticulous attention to detail. The first pull ran a bit long, and I was thankful to see that he dumped it out even though there was a line of people behind us. The second pull, however, was spot on, and my tongue could definitely tell. It was super sweet, very fruity, like strawberry and orange, while retaining a bit of nuttiness and a creamy, buttery mouthfeel. (A “buttery” mouthfeel seems completely appropriate, since Paula Dean’s restaurant, The Lady and Sons, is right around the corner.)

On top of all of these drinks, I was also able to try the affogato, which was wonderful, considering how hot it was in Savannah, as well as the cortadito, which is 2oz of espresso pulled with sugar and 2oz of steamed milk. All of those were pretty nice, though it seemed like it was a little dependent upon who was behind the bar.

The Coffee Fox also offers pour-overs, cold brew, nitro cold brew, snacks, cheese boards, beer, and wine. On top of this, you can purchase mugs, brewing equipment, coffee (roasted by Perc Coffee Roasters), and even small Arabica coffee plants for growing coffee indoors.

In the end, if you are in or near Savannah, The Coffee Fox is definitely a place that you should check out. Do be prepared, though, not to be able to find a seat. With that said, while there is limited seating, The Coffee Fox’s location is perfect for those who want to walk around while sipping on a nice cup of coffee.


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