Onyx Coffee Lab: Colombia La Plata

Last week I posted a review of Onyx Coffee Lab’s Kenya Nyeri Barichu, of which I absolutely loved. Be sure to check it out if you have not read it. Also, before I get into this review, be sure to follow this blog on here (link on the right, or below on mobile) and on Instagram.

IMG_4650Now, as I mentioned last week, Onyx Coffee Lab is a small batch coffee roasting company who sources coffee ethically, and skillfully mixes science and artisanship to bring about great coffees. They are based out of Springdale, Arkansas, with cafés also in Fayetteville and Bentonville. They are incredibly intentional, whether that be with regards to roasting, packaging, shipping, café aesthetics, or customer relations.

Coffee Notes

This Colombian coffee is from the La Plata project and is a blend of micro-lots from Hula that Onyx Coffee Lab got from Pergamino, who is a “specialty coffee producing company who also works with Associations.” This coffee is made up of Caturra and Bourbon varietals, grown at 1600-1850 meters, and washed processed with the use of raised drying beds. It is a direct trade coffee that was exported by Royal NY.

Onyx Coffee Lab suggests that this is a “Great coffee for a light sweet juicy batch brew or great for pour-over.  [It is] super easy to control the drain time of this coffee.  It performs well in both full immersion or drip brewing.”

Brew Method: Chemex – 50g – Medium Grind (21 on a Baratza Encore) – 800ml Water – 203*F – 5min Brew Time

Analysis: At first sight, the beans look just a tad darker than cinnamon. Regarding the dry aroma, Colombia La Plata began with strong floral notes, like honeysuckle, and maybe coffee blossom, alongside some very pleasant lemon notes. These notes, though, took a backseat to vanilla bean and plum as water was added.

Being marked by medium acidity, medium+ body, and medium-high sweetness, this coffee was quite balanced, though quite complex as well. The flavor maintained strong notes of vanilla bean and plum, with added nuttiness and lighter floral notes. The aftertaste, though, pulled forward those  nutty flavors, like pecan and maybe hazelnut, alongside strong notes of vanilla bean.

While this coffee wasn’t as exciting as Onyx Coffee Lab’s Kenyan, it was still a fantastic coffee. It was an easy drinking coffee that I would suggest to anyone, but especially those who are not particularly keen on fruity coffees with high acidity.

Colombia La Plata can be purchased over at Onyx Coffee Lab’s website for $16.50.

Thanks again or the review beans, Onyx Coffee Lab!


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