Brick and Mortar Coffee: Guatemala Chimaltenango El Rosario

IMG_4680Brick and Mortar Coffee, located in Springfield, Missouri, is dedicated to the art and craft of specialty coffee. As mentioned in the previous post, Brick and Mortar says, “Our love is people, our design is simple, our craft is coffee.” All of these things are evident, whether you are sitting inside their tasting room, or you are sipping on one of their coffees at home.

Coffee Notes

This second coffee from Brick and Mortar is from Guatemala. This coffee comes from a relative of the Perez family, specifically in the region of Chimaltenango at El Rosario, and is grown at about 1600 masl. It is a washed processed coffee, roasted to 401F, which is what Brick and Mortar calls the “New American Roast.” When I visited Brick and Mortar, this coffee was what they were running as their Single Origin Espresso. Also, it is true that this Guatemalan coffee is a part of their house blend, called Ampersand.

Brew Method: Chemex – 50g – Medium Grind (21 on a Baratza Encore) – 800ml Water – 203*F – 5:00min Brew Time. When I visited Brick and Mortar, during a trip to see some family, I was also able to try this as Espresso.

Analysis: This Guatemalan is particularly smooth and truly is an easy drinking coffee. There are heavy notes of chocolate and toffee, with some minor dried fruit notes, like cranberry, and there is maybe even a small hint of hibiscus in the dry and wet aroma. The aroma also seemed to hint at minor notes of honey and caramel. The flavor notes seemed to minimized some of the aroma notes, leaving this coffee tasting primarily like chocolate, toffee, and caramel. Minor bitterness that hits at the end, but overall a very balanced cup.

And, as mentioned above, I was able to try this as espresso, which helped bring out some of the natural sweetness. It maintained the chocolate and toffee notes, but also had a candied nut flavor to it that was quite pleasant, which lingered for quite a long aftertaste.

This coffee can be purchased on Brick and Mortar’s website for $14.00. And as mentioned last time, Brick and Mortar Currently ships their coffees in 8oz glass jars, though they can also be ordered in bulk.

Thanks again for the review beans, Brick and Mortar Coffee!


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