Café Grumpy: Deri Kochoha

IMG_4776Café Grumpy began in Brooklyn, New York in 2005, specifically in the Greenpoint neighborhood. It is a woman owned company, and now has a total of seven locations in New York City, not including their roastery. Café Grumpy is known for sourcing quality beans in a responsible and sustainable way, offering great customer service, and caring for the community.

In response to a question about the origin of Café Grumpy’s name, the owner, Caroline Bell, says, “The name was inspired by some bad customer service we received at a (since closed) coffee shop back in 2004 – as in this place is making us so grumpy it should be called cafe grumpy!” She then added that the logo was designed by her brother, who based the shape of the “grumpy face” on a coffee bean.

Also, as I’ve heard from the grapevine, if you are looking for a place to crash with you Macbook, you will be SOL (aside from the Greenpoint location), considering their strict “no laptop” policy.

Coffee Notes

This Ethiopian Coffee comes from multiple small producers in the Sidama Region, specifically from the Deri Kochoha washing station. It is a traditional washed processed coffee, specifically the heirloom variety, dried on raised beds, and was grown at 1800-2000 masl. Café Grumpy has been offering this coffee for just over 4 years now, so it is definitely a favorite. Also, I got this bag 3 days after the roast date, which is fantastic!

Brew Method: Chemex – 32g – Medium Grind (18 on a Baratza Encore) – 512ml Water – 203*F – 4min Brew Time. While this is the brew method being used for this review, I also tried this coffee with a V60, an AeroPress, and as a cold brew.

Analysis: The beans were roasted a little darker than I expected, considering the flavor notes on the bag, probably a City or City+. The roast was especially even: no quakers or other clearly visible defects. Strong notes of peach, and maybe ginger, honestly reminding me of a peaches and ginger tea. Dry aroma also smells like a chocolate covered raspberry. The brewed cup itself maintained a medium body and a medium+ sweetness and acidity. A tad bit of bitterness, but overall a pretty balanced cup. The flavor notes were peach, lemongrass, and raspberry, with maybe some caramel or toffee. When it cools down, the flavor turns more toward vanilla and bourbon.

This coffee can be purchased from Café Grumpy’s website for $20.00.

Thanks for the review beans, Café Grumpy! Also, thanks for the pin! Loved them both!



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