Brick and Mortar Coffee: Ethiopia Guji Hambela


Brick and Mortar Coffee, located in Springfield, Missouri, is dedicated to the art and craft of specialty coffee. As mentioned in a previous post, Brick and Mortar says, “Our love is people, our design is simple, our craft is coffee.” Whether you are drinking coffee in their tasting room, or at your own home, you will be able to recognize that Brick and Mortar cares about all of these things.

Coffee Notes

For this review, I will be looking at Brick and Mortar’s Ethiopia Guji Hambela. According to their website, this Ethiopian coffee comes from the Hambela farm, which “is located in the fertile regional State, in Yirgacheffe/Guji zone, between the two districts Gede and Hambela, approximately 477 km (~297 miles) South of Addis Ababa (the Capital of Ethiopia), and 20 km (~12.5 miles) East of Dimtu Town (the capital of Hambela).”

This coffee is specifically the Heirloom varietal, grown at 1900-2200 meters, and was processed naturally. Brick & Mortar, then, received it and roasted it to a Cinnamon Roast (specifically 398*F).

Brew Method:  Chemex – 50g – Medium Grind (21 on a Baratza Encore) – 800ml Water – 201*F – 5min Brew Time. While this is the brew method being used for this review, I also tried this coffee with a V60 and an AeroPress.

Analysis: Upon first glance of the beans, these look to be about a Cinnamon roast. They were a few quakers in the sample that was sent, but I was able to pick them out easily. The dry aroma was beautiful; there were strong notes of a number of berries, like raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, and cranberry. Wet aroma maintained them, but brought along some notes of dark chocolate and even a tad bit of earthiness. The flavor notes were more surprising though. They maintained a little berry—like raspberry, blueberry, and cranberry—and dark chocolate, but brought about some other notes of black tea and vanilla. Aftertaste tastes like black tea and a strong vanilla, more like bourbon than vanilla. A little bitter, a medium-light body, and medium+ acidity. Definitely a flavorful cup, but it is not the most complex.

These beans can be purchased from their website for $17.00. Brick and Mortar Currently ships their coffees in 8oz glass jars, though they can also be ordered in bulk.

Thanks so much for the review beans, Brick and Mortar Coffee!



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