Airship Coffee: Pacamara Natural – El Salvador


Airship Coffee is a coffee roasting company located in Bentonville, Arkansas. According to their website, “Airship Coffee was born under a lime tree in the mountains of Honduras.” From then on their ambition has been to “blow people’s minds with coffee,” and “to create unique coffees that challenge people’s notion of what coffee can taste like.”

Airship Coffee works directly with their farmers to bring about the best beans possible. This sometimes means using different, experimental processing methods to enhance a coffee’s flavor profile. Then, once Airship Coffee receives the green coffee beans, they seek to “use [their] roasters to coax the most out of the beans roasting to peak-aroma, the point where the bean is most fragrant.”

Also, on top of a quick delivery and elegant bags, Airship Coffee included a hand-written note! In an age where more and more people purchase things online, with slim to zero human interaction, it is personal touches like this that are meaningful.

Coffee Notes

For this review, I will be looking specifically at Airship Coffee’s Pacamara Natural from El Salvador. This sun-dried, natural processed coffee specifically comes from Calera, El Salvador, at an altitude of 1700 masl. It is a Pacamara variety, which is, according to Airship Coffee’s website, “an intraspecific hybrid developed out of a breeding program housed at El Salvador’s Institute for Coffee Research that started back in the 1958.” This variety’s parents are the Pacas and the Maragogipe, which are both mutations: Pacas from the Bourbon variety and Maragogipe from Typica.

Brew Method: Chemex; 32g Coffee; 512ml Water; 200F; Medium Grind; 4:30 Brew Time. I was also able to brew this with a V60 as well as an AeroPress.

Analysis: At first glance, the beans are clearly a natural processed coffee, considering the appearance and lack of chaff. The roast seems quite even, probably a City roast. The aroma and flavor notes scream raspberry, as well as a sweet-smelling note that reminds me of a strawberry flavored Fruit Roll-Up. The aroma also brings along a little vanilla and maybe a little apple. The flavor, though, brings out this nice green apple note, alongside the already present raspberry, and maybe a little black cherry. It is complex and super sweet, has high acidity, about a medium+ body that is quite creamy, and nearly zero bitterness. There also seems to be a minor toffee-like note after the coffee cools down. Honestly, this natural processed El Salvador is absolutely wonderful!

This coffee is available on Airship Coffee’s website for $14.00, which will get you a 250g bag. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one! As their website says, “It’s all in the cup. Give it a go and delight your mouth.”

Thanks for the review beans, Airship Coffee! I enjoyed every single cup!



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