Airship Coffee: Catimor – Guatemala


Airship Coffee is a coffee roasting company located in Bentonville, Arkansas. As mentioned before, Airship Coffee has a goal of “blow[ing] people’s minds with coffee,” and “creat[ing] unique coffees that challenge people’s notion of what coffee can taste like.”

From what I can tell, they are definitely succeeding.

Moreover, Airship Coffee works directly with their farmers, seeking to use the best methods to bring about the best flavors. The Pacamara Natural – El Salvador is one of those coffees that benefited from an experimental processing method. Then, after working with their farmers, who then ship it to Airship in Arkansas, they roast those beans seeking “to coax the most out of the beans roasting to peak-aroma, the point where the bean is most fragrant.”

It is also noteworthy to recognize that I received this coffee quite quickly, and it also included a nice, hand-written note.


Coffee Notes

For this review, I am looking at Airship Coffee’s Catimor – Guatemala. It comes from Monte Nuevo, Guatemala and is made up of the Catimor variety. It is a fully washed processed coffee, grown at 1800masl. Airship Coffee’s website says, “This coffee is produced by two brothers Chepe and Nilton Perez in Guatemala’s Acatenango region. Monte Nuevo is one of the highest farms in the region. This combination of high elevation and shade produces a denser bean and a slower ripening time resulting in a sweeter cup with marked acidity which shows in this catimor.”

Brew Method: Chemex; 32g Coffee; 512ml Water; 203F; Medium Grind; 4:30 Brew Time. I was also able to brew this with a V60 as well as an AeroPress.

Analysis: Upon first sight, these beans look to be about a City roast. After grinding, the dry aroma smelled of toffee, caramel, vanilla, and peach. I was having a hard time getting the cantaloupe note while the grounds were dry, but after adding water, it smelled predominately like cantaloupe. Wet aroma notes also included toffee and caramel, as well as some minor notes of vanilla, peach, and maybe nectarine. The flavor notes, then, continued to maintain the toffee, caramel, and cantaloupe notes, but it also brought along a nice vanilla flavor, especially as it cooled down. This Guatemalan was also quite sweet and complex, with hardly any bitterness. It had a medium+ body and a relatively high level of acidity.

This coffee can be purchased from Airship Coffee’s website for $12.00, which includes a 250g bag. Although the Pacamara Natural – El Salvador was my favorite, this Catimor – Guatemala is fantastic as well. Check them out!

Thanks again for the review beans, Airship Coffee! I greatly enjoyed them!



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