Brick and Mortar Coffee: Sumatra Jambi Kerinci


Brick & Mortar Coffee, as mentioned in previous posts, is a specialty coffee roasting company, seeking to “move people toward greater coffee craftsmanship.” Brick and Mortar says, “Our love is people, our design is simple, our craft is coffee.” And whether you are visiting Brick & Mortar in Springfield, Missouri or tasting their coffee at home, it will be evident that they are very focused on these three things.

Coffee Notes

For this review, I’ll be making comments on Brick & Mortar’s Sumatra Jambi Kerinci. This coffee, containing various varietals, was grown at  1400 masl in “rich volcanic soil on the slopes of Mount Kerinci, in the Jambi province of Sumatra.” It underwent a hybrid coffee method of processing, called wet-hulled process. Then, after many more hands, ultimately helping get the green coffee beans to Brick & Mortar, it is then roasted to a Cinnamon Roast (397*F).

Brew Method: Chemex; 32g Coffee; 512ml Water; 203F; Medium Grind; 4:00 Brew Time. I was also able to brew this with a V60 as well as an AeroPress.

Analysis: Upon first glance, the beans are definitely a Cinnamon Roast. There were a few quakers in the jar, but overall they looked nice. I was super surprised by this Sumatran! Expecting the usual earthy notes, which were there, it also maintained a nice fruity flavor that brought with it an intense amount of sweetness. It is definitely a full-bodied coffee, alongside a medium-high level of acidity. It got sweeter as it cooled. Definitely Walnut, Grapefruit, Earth, and Lime in this coffee!

These beans can be purchased from their website for $20.00. Brick and Mortar Currently ships their coffees in 8oz glass jars, though they can also be ordered in bulk.

Thanks so much for the review beans, Brick and Mortar Coffee!



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