Ironclad Coffee Roasters: Congo Idjwi Island

IMG_0925editIronclad Coffee Roasters, based out of Richmond, VA, was founded by Ryan O’Rourke. Ironclad, according to their website, is an adjective, meaning, “So firm or secure as to be unbreakable.” Therefore, an ironclad promise is a binding promise, a promise without weakness.

In fact, Ironclad Coffee Roasters makes an “ironclad promise,” committing to “unwaveringly provide the highest standard of customer care goes beyond mere business motivations; it is a passion rooted in preserving and, perhaps, restoring part of what has made America great.”

This passion for quality customer service alongside well crafted, top-notch coffee is grounded in O’Rourke’s experiences abroad. After spending a number of years somewhere in Europe, where he witnessed many good business practices, as well as poor customer service, Ironclad Coffee Roasters came to fruition, seeking to blend good business practices and good customer service, as well as good coffee.

On top of this, though, Ironclad Coffee Roasters is not only passionate about coffee; they also greatly care about their community. This is clear in their commitment to a monthly meeting focused on bettering their beloved city. These meetings are called Love RVA Mornings, and they are fundraising events, held at their roastery, encouraging discussion and change. And, the money raised at these events goes entirely to “Richmond SPCA and the Building a Better RPS citizens’ group on an alternating monthly basis.”

Much more could be said about Ironclad Coffee Roasters. If you are interested in more information, check out their About Us page, and be sure not to miss the sub-menu under their logo for even more information, specifically about their philosophy and their city. Oh! Also, be sure to check out their Blog as well, for a number of helpful coffee tips and articles.

Coffee Notes

For this review, we will specifically be looking at Ironclad’s Congo Idjwi Island Coffee. This is a fully washed and sun-dried coffee with a beautiful backstory. If you are interested in knowing more about this coffee’s backstory, check out this video on Ironclad’s Website.

Brew Method: Chemex; 32g; 512ml; Medium-Coarse; 4:00 brew time; 203F. I was also able to try this with different ratios and different brewers, but this is the specific method that I used for this review.

Analysis: Upon first glance, this coffee appears to be a medium/city roast. The roast seems to be quite even and lacking in noticeable defects. Overall, I would say that this is a very balanced cup. It is not too complex, but a good, easy-drinking coffee with nearly zero bitterness. It seems like a coffee that would pair well with a dessert. As with many of the coffees from Congo that I’ve had, it was quite nutty and chocolatey. Hazelnut and almond were vibrant, while there was also a little hint of toasted cashew, alongside a milk chocolate flavor that balanced it out well. The aroma and flavor had some hints of fruit, such as papaya or orange, or possibly blood orange as their bag says, which was an exciting surprise.

This coffee can be purchased from Ironclad’s website for $13.99. If you are not a fan of overly fruity coffees or simply want an easy-drinking coffee to go alongside you morning scone, then this is one you should try!

Be sure to stay tuned for a review of Ironclad’s Nicaragua Gold Mountain Don Roger’s “Tutti Frutti!”

Thanks for the review beans, Ironclad Coffee Roasters! I greatly enjoyed them!


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