HEX Coffee: Jesus Saavedra – Colombia


HEX Coffee, located in Charlotte, NC, began as many coffee shops begin, with friends who enjoy good coffee and community. In 2015, HEX started out with a Pop-Up Café, seeking to spread their passions for craft coffee and bringing people together. This pursuit, which has included quality and sustainability, has led HEX to significant growth.

HEX is clearly more than just your average coffee shop. They have heart. While they seek to provide the best coffee possible, “served in its purest form,” they care about the impact they are having on the coffee world on a bigger scale. For too long, coffee has been perceived as simply a commodity, leaving coffee farmers in extremely unjust situations.

In fact, HEX says, “We believe that the lives of Coffee Farmers can achieve the same glory, status, and living conditions of Wine Producers.  We believe that by working with Farmers who are producing higher-quality Coffees, working with Farmers to improve living conditions on their Farms, and then presenting those Coffees in the purest way possible — pointing everything towards their provenance and unique-ness, we can change the perception of Coffee as a simple commodity.”

If you’d like to learn more about HEX Coffee, check out their website, an be sure to follow them on social media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Tasting Notes

For this review, I will be looking at HEX Coffee’s Jesus Saavedra from Colombia. Specifically, it is from Finca El Placer in Tolima, Colombia. This washed processed coffee is made up of both Castillo and Caturra varietals and was grown at 2125 masl.

Brew Method: Chemex; 32g; 512ml; Medium (18); 4:15 brew time; 201F. I was also able to try this with a few different ratios and different brewers, but this is the method that I used for this review.

Analysis: Upon first glance, they were very evenly roasted. And, after grinding the beans, my first thought was that it smelled like heaven, a beautiful medley of a number of tropical notes, including pineapple and mango, alongside a wonderfully clean peach note, and a bouquet of wild flowers. But the beauty of this coffee doesn’t end there, the aroma brought a scent that reminded me of a tropical blue skittle (pineapple passion fruit), which was prominent in the flavor as well!

Super complex; extra sweet; heavy body; medium-strong acidity; and a nice, clean finish, leaving your mouth watering for more.

This was literally one of my favorite coffees this year. While I couldn’t find this on their website (it’s likely out of season now), I would definitely recommend checking out HEX Coffee! All of the coffees that I have had from them have been wonderful!

Thanks for the review beans, HEX Coffee! I greatly enjoyed them!


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